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St Dunstan’s parish church, Frinsted, Kent

Welcome to St Dunstan, Frinsted.

Interior of St. Dunstan parish church, Frinsted.

Frinsted church interior

St. Dunstan’s parish church is located in the isolated village of Frinsted, which is set in lovely wooded country, high on the North Downs. This gives a lovely, tranquil setting for St. Dunstan’s, although an early-19th century water-colour records it as dedicated to All Saints. The church is a grade II listed 12th century building (although it has Norman origins) with many Victorian stained glass windows and wall designs. It has an exceptionally good nineteenth century piped organ which is maintained and played regularly. The bell tower is typical of the perpendicular Period. St. Dunstans’ was pleasantly restored in 1868 by the celebrated Victorian architect Gilbert Scott.       The wall paintings in this church are quite spectacular.

St. Dunstan parish church, Frinsted - View of the Kingsdown chapel

Kingsdown Chapel


A side chapel is used by the local Kingsdown family, and is furnished with wood salvaged from trees that were blown over in the great storm of 1987.


There is a strong sense of worship and fellowship with all services well supported for such a small community, with staunch support for the Book of Common Prayer.


Two German airmen, shot down near the village in May 1918, are buried in the churchyard.

There is a very nice ring of 6 bells at St. Dunstans, with an enthusiastic local band practising on Mondays at 20:00.

Frinsted shares a church school with Milstead known as Frinsted & Milstead Primary School. The other focal point is our Village hall which was once the stables of the old Rectory. Here the church and village hall work together in charity coffee mornings, each month a different charity benefits.

St. Dunstan parish church, Frinsted

St. Dunstan, Frinsted


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