Safeguarding Policy Statement

Each parish within the benefice has adopted the safeguarding policies of the Church of England.

In particular we are committed to:

  • The safeguarding of all children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • Carefully selecting and training paid and voluntary staff who might come into contact with children and vulnerable adults, using the Disclosure and Barring Service, among other tools, to check their suitability
  • Responding without delay to every complaint made which suggests that an adult, child or young person may have been harmed
  • Cooperating fully with the Police, local authority and any other appropriate statutory body in any investigation
  • Ministering appropriately to anyone, child or adult, who has experience abuse
  • Extending pastoral care to those known to have offended against children or vulnerable adults while ensuring that children and vulnerable adults are protected from them

The Rector or Church Wardens are available to speak to adults or children with any concerns and we have appointed a Disclosure Officer for the Benefice and Parish Safeguarding Coordinators for each parish. Contact details are below.

Any child wishing to talk about a problem can call Childline: 0800 1111

Any parent or carer wishing to talk about parenting problems can contact Family Lives on 0808 800 2222

For further information regarding safeguarding within our parishes, or if you have any safeguarding concerns, please contact the relevant person below.


Church Wardens:             Patricia Richards               01795 228364

Richard Bushell                 01795 427816

Safeguarding Officer:    Marilyn Austen                 01795 477000


Church Wardens:             Vicki Lukehurst                 01795 475923

                                             Jennie Cleaver                  01795 423524

Safeguarding Officer:    Marilyn Austen                 01795 477000

Bredgar with Bicknor

Church Warden:               Julian Hopper                    01622 884494

Safeguarding Officer:    Evelyn White                     01622 884121


Church Wardens:             John Nightingale              01622 884272

James Pearce                    01622 884322

Safeguarding Officer:    Anita Phillips                     01622 884425


Church Wardens:             Malcolm Major                 01622 884417

                                               Susan Mason                     01622 884406

Safeguarding Officer: Felicity Waters 01622 884452


Church Warden:               Phebe Chamberlain        01795 830267

Safeguarding Officer:    Phebe Chamberlain        01795 830267    

Benefice  Disclosure Officer:          Marilyn Austen             01795 477000

Alternatively, click below to visit the Diocese of Canterbury’s safeguarding page.