Tunstall Bells

Up until 1843, there were at least five bells at Tunstall, with one of these recorded as having been cast in 1573.

In 1843, the ring of five was re-cast to form a ring of six. These lasted until 1923, when two new bells were added to form a ring of eight.

In 1975, they were re-tuned, and then in 1995 re-cast with some additional metal by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough to form the current ring of eight bells.

Details of these bells are:-

Treble      4cwt 0qtrs 0lbs              25″ diameter

2               4cwt 0qtrs 2lbs              25 1/2″ diameter

3               4cwt 1qtr 0lbs                26 1/2″ diameter

4               4cwt 1qtr 20lbs              28″ diameter

5               5cwt 0qtrs 20lbs            30″ diameter

6               6cwt 0qtrs 10lbs            31 1/2″ diameter

7               7cwt 1qtr 6lbs                 34″ diameter

8              10cwt 1qtr 8lbs                38 1/2″ diameter

Inscriptions are as follows:-

Source:- Love’s Guide to the Church Bells of Kent